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Montego Bay, Jamaica was the perfect trip to kick off my 2022  travels. I have been meaning to visit ever since the pandemic of the iconic bamboo raft photos hit instagram and Jamaica did not disappoint. The occasion was for a friend’s 30th birthday and she had a blast thanks to the itinerary put together by my travel company, mumi/dani.co *shameless plug*

Keep reading to see everything we were up to in Jamaica, mon

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The entry requirements to Jamaica is very uncomplicated - we all had U.S. passports so we didn’t need visas. Make sure to ask for an entry stamp! My friend got her passport stamped, and I totally forgot to ask for one, and didn’t realize my controller hadn’t stamped my passport. Perfect excuse to plan another trip to Jamaica? I think yes! Jamaica is always buzzing with tourists, so there was some foot traffic but getting through Immigration was super easy.* 

Tip: Check your country’s visa requirements for Jamaica - U.S. is visa free entry.

At the airport we booked a cab at the cab station that is right in front of the exit – you can’t miss it! The price is based on distance  and per person - and  they have the price estimates listed on the board above the station. Our fare was $30/pp to get to the Iberostar Resort, so we ended up paying in cash and utilizing this to get to our destination. We didn’t need a private driver to get around because we were practically on the resort the whole 5 days of our stay, but if this is something you need, I’d recommend getting your initial driver’s number and keeping him/her as a connection from there!


There are plenty of all-inclusive resort options to choose from in Montego Bay, but I over recommend Iberostar Rose Hall! Why? Because it is affordable and the food it GREAT! Also, most reviews state that the drinks are watered down, which is true – but that is true for even more expensive resorts as well (we paid $100 for an entry pass to another more expensive resort and their drinks were watered down as well). You might as well save money on resort, eat good food still enjoy a great ambiance, and just buy your own drinks if indulging in inebriation is your thing. 

The food at the Ibero Star made me gain a few pounds upon return to the US of A  four days later. That’s how great it was. The breakfast, lunch, and dinner were chef’s kiss! I honestly felt like I got my money’s worth & as a travel blogger that loves to have full control of all activities, I’m not a fan of resorts — but this one was absolutely worth it!

 Depending on your group size and budget, you can opt for a hotel or an entire home. In our case since we were three we decided a resort was a more suitable option, and we found our resort on Priceline. Also check Booking.com or Expedia.

The Iberostar resort is a three concept resort - we stayed at the Rosehall. While the most budget friendly, I thought it was better than the more expensive halls (we had a chance to have breakfast with corporate staff thanks to my being an attorney). The rooms were very spacious and comfortable. There was a beautiful view along with a balcony and entertainment system. It was not all luxury everything, but it was very fitting for our needs. Also, depending on what you need, a responsive concierge can book massages, taxi, excursions, spa, and other amenities. I really appreciated their fast customer service. They were literally one call away. 


  • The views and cleanliness of the resort
  • The beach!
  • Cleaning services
  • The food! Jerk chicken and other jamaican dishes that were very well prepared! I ate to my hearts content!
  • Each night there were family friendly activities & themed dinners - comedy show, games night, etc.
  • responsive concierge/host

  • Near a side of the beach where hawkers are plenty, so couldn't stay by the beach at night, etc. With almost all all-inclusives, have to be intentional about going into the city or immersing into the “culture”
  • Dessert options were limited and drinks were watered down

To see a tour of the resort, check out my vlog on YouTube

Cost: $2,000 USD x 4 nights (note: this based on the cost/night in February/March)


We were in Montego Bay for 5 days, and had activities planned for each day. We were mindful of the fact that we wanted to experience Mo Bay and  have fun, but also have some time to relax on the trip.


A trip to jamaica is not complete without the infamous bamboo rafting experience. On the first day we spent the afternoon on a bamboo raft tour . It was quite a relaxing experience. My friend got a limestone foot massage and she loved it!

There’s plenty tour options available, but I particularly recommend the group I booked with because their pick up and drop off were seamless. The tickets cost $60USD  per person. Style tip: a  black swimsuit would really offset the natural atmosphere and makes for a pleasing aesthetic for your bamboo raft photos.


We booked an excursion through the concierge. It was a lovely experience. The gag is I chickened out at the last minute and did NOT zipline. Thankfully, they had a smaller water zipline which was cute and fun. I got super wet but it was worth it. 

I altogether enjoyed this entertainment center -Chukka Adventures. They had cute swings and other adventure activities such as water horseback riding, etc. They also had snacks that were available for purchase - I tried my first local beef patty there.. It was also nice to get off the resort and explore other areas of the island a bit.

The tickets cost about $100/pp and were booked through our hotel concierge.


My friends and I are big on waterparks! It’s an insane obsession -  we’re always looking for opportunities to indulge in waterparks any trip we take. Of course, thanks to mumidani.co we were able to secure day pass tickets to a waterpark that had a mini water park. The Riu Reggae resort cost about $100 a day to use all of their amenities, including food and all drinks from 11am - 5pm. The time we went was perfect - we literally had the slides area to ourselves for about an hour before crowds of people started coming to use it. It then got exhausting and uncomfortable so we left and just slept on their beach. Money well spent in my opinion!


One of our final activities was parasailing. When I say it was one of the best experiences of my life, I mean it with my chest. The views from the altitude we were at was AMAZING! We were parasailed over the caribbean ocean and whew the water had a blue green clean look to it that really took my breath away. Although I was sad that I didn’t have my phone to capture the moment, I was a bit happy to just immerse myself in the experience without mulling over the nitty gritty need to capture the moment perfectly. The moment over the sea was absolutely perfect and I am glad I got to experience it thoroughly. 


Our all-inclusive of course included many different food varieties - they even had a japanese, seafood, and Italian restaurant on site included in the resort fee. I mainly enjoyed our breakfast and lunch buffets. Having natural fruit juices at my fingertips was my biggest highlight. 

I got fat after my 4 days on the resort, so that really says all you need to know about my experience on the island 

TIP: Other highly recommended excursions (aka what I wish we did)

  • Ochos Rios & Magic Mountain
  • Dunns River Falls
  • Seven Mile Beach. 

This trip was a memorable one for me, and I’ll always cherish the memories I made with my friends. If you’re looking for a good destination for a girls trip, I encourage you to consider Montego Bay, Jamaica

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