The Perfect Weekend Getaway: Puerto Rico!

I spent this past weekend on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. 


It was a friend’s birthday & of course I am always willing to celebrate my friends, especially if a trip is involved! 


As it was my first time in Puerto Rico, excitement was an understatement. The fact that this was my first “international” trip since lockdown made the excitement all the more palpable.


Like all of my trips, Puerto Rico was amazing. It was a beautiful getaway that I would recommend to everyone, especially residents of the USA (given proximity, and no need for a visa to enter into the commonwealth – just a state issued ID)


Puerto Rico literally gives you so much bang for your buck and you have flexibility of experiencing Puerto Rico in a luxurious way, or a more budget friendly way. 



Whichever way you choose, all roads should always lead to Old San Juan, the historic heartbeat of the island. 

I consider Puerto Rico the Spanish version of New Orleans

Its terraces overlooking the cobblestone streets and the number of outdoor clubs, pubs, and entertainment venues that line the streets. It is also relatively small. A walkthrough or two, and you would probably know how to navigate through Old San Juan without a map. The colored colonial style buildings made for an aesthetically pleasing walk through the city. 



The best part of Puerto Rico was the food. I enjoyed the plantain-oriented dishes. Almost all meals are served with plantains, rice, and beans (a very familiar palate that pleases the Nigerian in me). I wish I could partake in the nightlife more, salsa dancing and all, but COVID-19 required more precautions than otherwise. 



Finally, the beaches. San Juan being on the coast means that one constantly has access to some form of water. Thus, the water activities are en masse: snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, you choose! Puerto Rico really caters to the adventurist, the tourist, and the beach-ist alike! 


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Till next time 


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