Missed Flight to Santorini

Santorini, Greece was part of my travel through Europe in 2019.


The optimal way to get to Santorini is connecting through Athens, Greece. 

With that said, don't do what I did. 

I booked a flight from Budapest to Athens to arrive at 4:00pm, with my connecting flight (different airline) to Santorini departing 5:00pm. totally ignoring the fact that I would need to deplane, get my luggage, and still check in for the next flight. 

Needless to say, I missed my flight! 

me at the airport after having missed my flight

(nB. I never regret poor decisions, but rather look at them as life lessons... from now on, any connecting flight that looks too close, I never take that risk again. It even helped me most recently with my flight to PR)

It was in that moment that I realized how solutions-oriented I am, along with my strong ability to think on my feet (hello, law school!). My determination to get on that island drove me to find alternate routes. When it seemed as if booking another flight last minute would cut into my savings, I kept looking for alternative routes. 

(Thanks to Google)

 I found out one could go to Santorini by ship! 

Even better, there are charter lines with kiosks right at the airport. 
I quickly connected with one leaving early the next day and bought a RT ticket for less than $100.
(the earlier one books, the better)

With my ticket in hand, I was on my way to the most pristine island ever! 
OK, not so fast.

The trickiest part of going to Santorini by ship, is getting to the port of Piraeus, which is far from the airport. One can use public transport or taxi, with the cheapest option being the public transportation (bus).

It took about an hour. Once I got to the port, I had to then lodge into a hotel overnight, as there isn't really a "waiting area". That was about $30. 

Getting to the port at the appropriate time and boarding my ship was pretty seamless. Once on the ship, seating in the general area was similar to that of a plane. There were rows, middle seats, and aisle seats and one could get up and move around the ship during the journey. 

I even went on deck! It was windy, but great views nonetheless.

The journey is about 4-5 hours, with cheaper vessels taking about 7-10 hours 
(compare this to a 47 minute flight to Santorini)

Finally, we made it to Fira port. 

Once, there - please don't fret when you don't see those white buildings and luxury caves that drizzle the Santorini hashtags on social media, but rather volcanic fixtures and endless sea: 

the island of Santorini includes Oia (the district with the white buildings), but is not Oia in itself. There are  other districts on the Island of Santorini, that you are free to explore as it has much to offer as well. 
Further, Santorini is still developing for tourism, so do not be surprised if you are driving through deserted area and then boom! you see your hotel/resort. 

There is a shuttle bus that will take you to the city center for 1.50 EUR. 

My hotel was located in Kamari. 

There was a great restaurant right outside of my room and the views of the volcanoes from my balcony was even more pristine. 

The best part about living in Kamari was the black sand beach located almost right outside my hotel. 
Kamari was also littered with luxury hotels and resorts so there is fine dining galore. 
Night time is Kamari was even more nice. 
I loved Kamari, it was like my hidden gem. 

What I loved about Santorini is how surprisingly budget friendly it is:

All public transport buses to get around the island cost 1.50 EUR per ride. 

There are expensive hotels, luxury cave hotels, but also budget friendly hotels that are even more nice. 
(plus you don't have to stay in Oia.... and you still have access to Oia for 1. 50 EUR)

There are expensive food options, and there are also affordable food options.
Sometimes, dare I say, the cheaper options were better than the expensive dining. 

Also, the desserts! Gelato nights, Crepes nights with the girls, you name it.

[speaking of food, I definitely recommend the gyro's in Kamari!]

The point of my trip to Santorini, like most of my trips, was not to "flex" for Instagram, so I was willing to forego the luxury (I'm still a student) for the more budget friendly options. 

& It was worth it! I still had a great time, met great friends in the process (hi Ohema!) and got the best sun kissed feeling ever. Santorini sun and my skin really complemented one another. 

pro tip: Sunsets at Oia are breathtaking. Head to the strip about an hour early to have a good spot and catch the beautiful sunset. 

one more pro tip: Didn't book a hotel that has a pool? Don't fret!
The Lioyerma Cafe Pool Bar Santorini in Oia overlooks the caldera, which you can use - patronage required. That is another great place to catch the beautiful sunset. 

Is Santorini on your bucket list? 
Have you been? 

till later, 

xo titó

If you need a customized itinerary for your trip to Santorini, Greece or any other assistance with flights and accommodation, please email thetitoeffect@gmail.com


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