Turn 'Black Lives Matter' into a Lifestyle

Hello loves,

I hope that you all are balancing justice and activism with self-care.

The amount of major brands and retailers that have put out a statement about their support of the movement is both comforting and alarming at the same time. Comforting because of the support and the awareness that their platform brings to the movement.
Yet alarming because it is almost as if its warranted out of fear of losing a portion of their target market and to just be politically correct, not necessarily because they care.

Most importantly, I am concerned that all of us, myself included, are just following a trend & just like all trends, after give and take a few weeks (maybe days), it will soon just be a figment of our imagination, only to be revisited when another tragedy strikes (God forbid).

The onus is thus on us all to make sure that does not happen. While it is not realistic to encourage everyone to protest daily - we all have our daily lives & work/duty calls to attend to - there are still ways to engage in the movement, essentially making it a part of your lifestyle.

5 Practical Ways to Support Black Lives Matter, even after it stops Trending 

1. Support Black Businesses 

Haul coming soon! 
#BuyBlack #BuyNigerian : I love these hashtags on Instagram and Twitter, because they expose you to  black owned products and brands. 
I also love black-owned restaurants, simply because the food is good. 
It should be easy to support black-owned brands because their products and offerings are tailored to us. For us, by us. 
I have a few black-owned vendors that I will supporting over the weekend, and I cannot wait to do a haul on the items I purchased from them! 
(hopefully they all arrive before Juneteenth - perfect day to share the video)

Here is a list of Black owned vendors (beauty & lifestyle related) 
 and a list of my personal favorites, below: 

2. Join Mailing Lists 

As a professional I am glued to my e-mail. I have joined many mailing lists to make sure I am kept in the loop of movement details, petitions that require signature, et.c

Below are links of great mailing lists to join:

Black Lives Matter 

3. Vote 

A movement can last for a moment (although the change impactful), but elected officials last for a longer time. Our democratic system hinges on the vote of the people, for the people, by the people.
To voluntarily disenfranchise yourself is to make a costly mistake.

Vote.org  has all the information about registering to vote and about precincts all over the United States.

4. Travel 

I wouldn't be tito if I didn't include some sort of travel call to action to this list. You might think, how? hear me out. Being Black is not limited to your locality. Being Black means being a part of a bigger picture. Of a Bigger movement. & That movement cannot be properly explored or understood without traveling. Visit Martin Luther King's Birth home in Atlanta, Georgia. Go back in time to South Africa's Apartheid resistance in Johannesburg, South Africa. Learn how the Black community celebrates and defines itself at the Ends Festival in London, England. 
We are a part of something way bigger, and that something is always worth exploring. 

5. Show up as your Best Self. 

Black Girl Magic. Black Boy Joy. Invoke all these sayings, daily. Your work ethic & your positive outlook should be a reflection of you wanting to be the best representation of you. Sure, you may not get it right every day, but your effort should speak for itself.
Your life matters and you should always emulate that in all things you do.
most importantly, give yourself grace when you don't get it right. Live to fight another day.
Just never give up.

Me showing up to *try* to be my bet self, daily. 

till later,


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