8 hours in Philly

Hello loves, 

This past weekend I spent the day in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with my brother and his girlfriend. It was a beautiful time. 

Just 2 hrs and 30 minutes from D.C., Philly is a great day trip (or weekender, tbh). 

First, let me talk about my outfit. 
I wanted to wear something both classy yet summery and grunge. Philly is quite hipster (I found that out from my visit in 2017), and so I wanted to 'look the part'.

Oversized suit jacket: thrifted | layered jewelry: Umalie Collections & Shein |  Black bandeau top: Shein

& I could take the suit off when I want! 

White canvas sneakers is always a go!

Of course, you can't come to Philly without trying the Philly cheesesteak! Philly is known for this & thus, the two kings of cheesesteaks of Philly are Pats & Genos

I would eventually find out that Pats has the better Cheesesteak, haha. 

In terms of aesthetics though, Geno's is king. 

As I stated, my trip was quite short, it was literally in and out (that's what she said), as my bro had something to do for work here in Philly. 

All the same, I was able to go to the town center (my first time too), eat philly cheesesteaks & take in the views of this historic city. 

My next time will definitely be longer (hopefully things will be open) & I will for sure explore more of the 'Black' Philly 

'till later 

XO Tito

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