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After having a grand time in Madrid, I headed over to the old city, Marrakech, Morocco!
My favorite thing about the Morocco is the architecture and the patterns. It just jumps out!

Here's what I got into

Marrakesh Itinerary

>>D A Y         O N  E <<

Riad + P O O L      --                      $15/night

This was a great way to start my trip because the host went above and beyond with her hospitality. 
She showed me to where I can get food late at night at my arrival & also took me with her into town the next morning. I only stayed one night anyway but I wish I stayed longer.

So first was the pool, where I made friends! 

Then, I had a cute photoshoot in my riad. 

Later, I headed into town to explore the Jemaa El Fnaa

The juice stands in the middle of the market square are a great start! You can also get henna done, visit some souks (market stalls), and eat lunch all at the Jemaa El F-na! 

After that I went to the Instagram famous Jardin Majorelle.  It was lovely. I won't spoil it for you guys, but it's great to walk through! I even went to a small cafe there & took pics. 
Entrance fee: 70 MAD

Finally, I moved in. to my new riad. All in a day's work.
This boutique riad was more expensive - about $54 USD. Definitely try multiple riads in Marrakesh. This one wasn't really my favorite. I preferred the other one, so I won't link it. I will say you should check Airbnb for great deals on riads.
Below are pics I took in my riad. I didn't like my riad because there wasn't enough good lighting, and in Marrakesh, as a blogger, you want good lighting!
I still made do with what I had so, here's my check blogger pics, below

Finally, I went out on the town with my new friends! I stayed in Old Town this night (the next night I went to new town, more posh and modern)
Nights at the Jemaa El-Ef naa is so awesome! Myself & my new friends got new hennas done, we had laughs over dinner & finally did some late night shopping in the jemaa El f-naa

It was an all around great time & great way to end a splendid first night in Marrakech!

>>D A Y             T W O <<

Of course, I took. a swim in my new riad's pool. As per pie like me, my swim session turned into a photo session.

It was fun. A little too fun.
So ye that was my morning. 
Later in the afternoon I went out to visit more markets and also the palaces There are about two palaces near the Jemaa El Ef Naa that you can visit - the Badi or Bahia. I chose the massive Bahia palace. 
It was lovely. 

I'd definitely recommend this place. It is about 30 MAD
After the palace, I got food and a bike ride with my new friend, Obama. I call him Obama because he looks like Obama, to me. please don't look too hard lol

The ride was fun! He even taught me a bit about the markets in the Jewish Quarter. 

Finally, I went to ride camels!!! 
I booked my experience through Airbnb. I made more friends there - "Habibi" "East Croydon" - inside joke & we even ended up going out in new town later that night. 

Then we went out to the club in new town. 
New town is literally the 20-minute second side to Marrakesh. I stayed in old town, which has more rustic vibes but you can choose to still stay in any of the modern hotels in Marrakesh. it's pretty cool. I would definitely recommend a riad, but it really all depends on your interests.- purpose of travel. All the lavish life happens in new town, all the tradition is preserved in old town.

Do's & Dont's

Do feel free to ask for directions. There were many blogs I read that stated that moroccans will ask you to pay money after they give you directions, but that never happened to me. Not to say it won't happen to you, but definitely don't be afraid to ask questions, especially when lost

Do stay in a riad & try multiple riads. It's a great experience & each are unique and aesthetically pleasing and really are a part of the Marrakesh experience

Do take a pen with you to the airport! As silly as this sounds I didn't have a pen and had to fill out a landing card and didn't have one. & I waited long as a result.

Do bargain! As with Lagos markets, you shouldn't pay full price & trust my Africans - they will try to take you for all you're worth if you allow them just because you don't know better. Don't. Bargain.

Don't pay more than 30 MAD for any ride. Period. Unless it's a super long haul ride and they can prove to you that you are meant to pay the requested amount. My advice is to really bargain and remember you are the demand, not them. Moroccans pay about 10-15 MAD for taxi rides, imply because they can't be cheated. Try to bring it as low as you can as well.

Don't carry things loosely. As with any country, your precious item can become someone else's if you're not careful.


Is Marrakesh solo travel friendly? Yes! I was walking around by myself & found my way to every where I wanted to go, on my own. Do not go out at night on your own, though! That's the only caution I would put in place.

is Marrakesh safe for women? black women? I honestly didn't get any "cause for alarm" gestures from men. In fact most were a bit too nice to me. I think because I told them I was from Nigeria and not USA most times, so that might have made it easier to navigate through this male-dominant society.

How much time do I need?  My above itinerary was done in 2 days- 48 hours, exactly. So the minimum you need is 2 days, but most people spend about a week in Marrakesh, which is more than enough time

How much money do I need & where can I change my money? 
My 3 days in Morocco, I spent about $200 -300 --- I bought a few souvenirs, I travelled to other cities & of course food. I think a bulk of my money was drained from extortion (paying too much for things that don't normally cost that much), so please please bargain and research how much things should cost before you travel. That's the mistake I made and it cost me.

With that said, I first changed money at the airport, but I withdrew more money at ATMs in town as I clearly ran out of money - my bank just charged me the necessary fees, etc

whoo. we've reached the end. Please ask me if there's anything I didn't cover here.

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