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Hello loves,

I try to do a pre-travel diaries before every trip. I have a road trip coming up to Washington D.C., as I will be going there to work for the summer. I am really excited, and am using this post to share how I am preparing for it!

So last Friday I shared my testimony about law school so far on my Instagram timeline. I do not normally like to share my professional life on my social media, but I felt like being 2/3'rds of the way to completion, it was appropriate to share the journey it has been. I basically discussed how I took the LSAT exam 5 times before I got a score I was actually satisfied with. & yes, I took classes, practice tests, etc. - the Law School Admissions Test is just another ball park of its own in terms of rigor. I personally believe you're either good at it or you're not and it only reflects your ability to succeed in law school to an extent  (hence why many schools are now either waiving it or accepting other exams like the GRE as an option for admission). It is now a blessing to see all this hard work paying off. I thank God, because I spoke to Him about not wanting to be in Indianapolis for the Summer, as I altogether wanted to network in a different region for employment opportunities post-graduation. & He answered my prayers abundantly! Washington D.C. area was one of the regions I targeted when applying to law schools because of my interest and past experience in government affairs. When I got offered a full scholarship to this law school I attend now, I had to make the tough decision to let go of other offers from other schools in my target area for the sake of finances. Do not quote me on this, but while the region you attend law school in plays a big role in the cities you get offers in, it is not the end all be all. Depending on how well you network and the experience you have on your CV (and sometimes GPA), you could be getting interviews from other regions.

Further, while GPA DOES MATTER, again, it is not the end all be all. It is very important for you to focus and get as close to the top of your class as you can, but do not consider dropping out if you are not. Keep going, and let your experiences make up for areas where you might fall short academically. Make sure your skills stand out on your CV. Get experience, get experience, get experience. The past two or three interviews I had, my GPA was not discussed once -- it was rather the experiences I had & the connections I had with the employer ( a Notre Dame Law alum that interviewed me for a position was interested in my having went to England for my Masters as he had studied in England as well --- first connection here was Indiana schools & second was the study abroad).

 Finally, my biggest advice is to keep going, no matter what. My grades were not so hot after my first semester of school, and I wanted to give up. I nevertheless attended seminars, one of which the associate advised "no matter what your GPA is apply everywhere. Apply apply apply. Apply under a rock". I laughed that day, but that statement stuck with me and gingered me to apply for the internship I got last summer. It was not my first choice as I wanted to be out of Indiana, but it was the blessing I needed as the employer kept me on after the internship and I had a well paying job all through my 2nd year of school (plus more experience and retention to show prospective employers).

Fast - forward to this summer, I am on my way to a city/area I have always wanted to live in since I started going up there when I was a kid. I can only thank God. seriously. 

Here's what I am doing to prepare for my road trip: 

+ oil change 
+ cleaning my car 
+ packing 
+ building my COVID-19 kit which includes hand sanitizer, gloves, masks etc. 

+subleasing my apartment 
+cleaning my apartment 

How long is the drive? 
9 hours and some change 

What are you going to do? 
I will be going for an internship
While on the road, I will drive safe, stay safe, take as much precaution as I can, etc. 
Make stops infrequently (to avoid exposure) 

What are you wearing? 
I'll let my followers decide for me on Thursday <3

How excited for you?
Getting hip to all the D.C. slangs, excited.

Till later,

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