Travel | Cancun, Mexico (2016) + 50 things to do!

Hello loves,

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

This month 4 years ago, I went south of the border to Cancún, Mexico with my cousin ( time is flying)

It was an amazing experience to say the least. She is a travel agent so I was in good hands, All-inclusive luxury resort & all.

Here's all the things I did + a copy of 50 things to do in Cancùn, Mexico for your next trip!

Cancun, Mexico
This city that is mostly known for its resorts and is a popular vacation destination for families is located at the very southern tip of Mexico. It's amazing coastline boasts of sun, the best waves, and an all around good time. 
This was my first time in Mexico that year, and Snapchat was all the rave -- so best believe the pepper was in full effect on that platform. 
I didn't save all the snaps but the memories remain. The memories of eating oyster for the first time, of dancing so much at the beach party  that my wig fell off  (Cuervo na bastard) , memories of tonguing down an Australian bloke in the club, the list goes on. Cancun, Mexico is always an amazing time. My favorite part was the endless drinks + the varieties of foods that my resort had to offer. Plus the resort had a gym + adventures you can sign up for (more on this later). 
(snapchat) aesthetic photo at one of the resorts we stayed at 

What I didn't like about Cancun 
Cancun especially is not the most suited for the kind of traveller I am. I love exploring places on my own, engaging with the local community, and just enjoying the city in a non-resort way. I like resorts, don't get me wrong, but they can get expensive really quickly and sometimes you're left with some basic memories of waking up and sleeping and just going out to the beach. Are resorts your thing or are you more of an independent adventure curator? 

What I did in Cancun 
the awesome thing about Cancun is that, depending on the Resort that you stay in, there are organized tours and activities to your hearts desires. Tours range from bike rides, boat rides, a city tour, watching parrots, etc. 
On the first day, my cousin and I did a city tour. We went to Isla Mujeres and explored the city. Isla Mujeres is a boat ride away. Part of the city tour includes activities such as swimming with dolphins 

You already know I enjoyed my time in this city because it was the closest I could get to being an explorer. Yum! 

The next day, I was a beach babe! 
We spent the day at the beach and enjoyed plenty drinks.  I also wandered around the resort with my cousin. It was a nice and peaceful switch from  yesterday's "parabolating". 
Think this was also the night that I left my manners at home and swapped spit with someone's son at the club. Memory is a bit blurry though (but the photo still remains in the hidden section of my iPhone, lol)

The final day. 
I did yoga in the villa & then went for a parrot watching experience & bike ride in the jungle. I didn't take my phone with me because I wanted to be fully present in my experience in the city/country, but believe me when I say it was an experience I will never forget. The tour operator took us through the most scenic views of the area and into the jungle. I got to hold a parrot ( for about 5 minutes before I freaked out, lol) and then it was back to the villa. Ok now I want a bike, haha. 
Thereafter, we had dinner at a really nice Chinese restaurant. 
Finally, my cousin's travel agency group had a party on the beach & it was fun! 
I hope you all enjoyed this really quick recap of my time in Cancun, Mexico

Have you been to Mexico? Do you want to go? 

Save me for Later! 

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