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Hello loves,

This Travel Tuesday is all about Accra, Ghana (& all the other African countries I've been to)! I travelled there with friends for the first time this past December in Lagos as it was an extension of the Christmas festivities, you know, Afronation & all.

It was my first time trying Ghana Jollof & you know, it wasn't all that bad! Ghana jollof is better . I would recommend Frankies Restaurant's jollof in Osu. Thank me later.

So let's see where do I start? The first thing that stuck out to me about Ghana was the cleanliness. If you have only been to Nigeria, you would be highly misled to think that all of the African countries' structure is set up to be a beautiful money-rinsing distaster. Not so with Ghana. Not so with Ghana. Orderly, friendly, calm, good vibes. The beautiful well kept beaches! The food. I think I will be buying another ticket straight to Ghana this December -- call me Abena! I all seriousness. I love the atmosphere of Accra. Also, there's not as much traffic apart from rush hour & high season things. Everything you heard about Ghana is true. The history is well preserved. The people are very welcoming, friendly and highly intelligent. I mean they successfully brought close to 100,000 people black to the diaspora (the spelling error is well intended). The Year of Return was a success & I am glad I was a part of it and brought 6 other people to #titótravel with me!

                                               What I didn't like about Accra, Ghana 
Hmm, I would say some parts were a little too touristy. Nigeria stays true to its authentic self, almost to a fault, while Ghana pretentiously embraces its colonial past with loving arms. It's apparent even in the everyday terms used -- "chale" (a term of endearment like 'bro' originating from the English name 'Charlie') & "please" is always said after every sentence ("hello please", "yes please" "did you go there please" --- seemingly servant-colonial master oriented). It also doesn't help that Accra is very conducive for foreign engagement. Foreigners go to Nigeria to do business -in Ghana, foreigners are visiting, are expatriating because they hate their mundane developed country lifestyle, are engaging in cross-cultural education, are laying out on the beach. Needless to say, while Accra is now very cosmopolitan, with all different kinds of cuisine found in every area, I would say that it comes at the expense of loss of exposing visitors to what it means to be traditional Ghanaian ( I reckon if I were to visit other regions, I would be able to get that sense of what Ghana's traditions are, etc).

What did I do? 
We arrived in Accra and settled in to our hotel. I stayed at the Niagra Hotel. It's nice and comes with free breakfast. It doesn't come with a pool, but it is definitely in a central location, as the hotel was literally a 5-15 minute drive to Osu and Labadi beach. 

We went on a Guided Tour of the City, courtesy of Quanson Tours, which included The Black Star Square, Osu Castle, and lunch at Frankies! 

Day 2 
Afrochella was fun, I would definitely suggest anyone going this year (or next) get VIP tickets AND arrive in the afternoon/evening (unless you want to get photos in before lines start forming) We got there the morning and they had not even finished setting up. Once we got back in the afternoon, it was really fun! They have so many activities, photo opportunities, music, and good vibes! They even randomly had a huge pot with 8-10 chefs making jollof rice. I even helped them to stir! It was so fun! In the evening they had performances by Tiwa Savage, Wurld, and others. The VIP ticket holders got the best view. I was so tired from logistics from my travel group that I slept off at night and didn't go out. 

Day 3 
We went Cape Coast today for the tour of the Cape Coast Castle, Elmina Castle  and the Door of No Return. It was a scenic journey but worth it. The history there was palpable, with all due respect. It was humbling to visit a place that was full of history - my history. We even participated in a "Year of Return" moment of silence circle with Boris Kodjoe. Let me get my 2 minutes of fame, haha. 

In the evening, I went with my cousin and his friends to Afronation. That was my first night attending. It was packed, a bit lackluster but fun all the same! I had a good time & would definitely go again just for the vibes. 

Day 4 
I planned a give back for my travel group that morning. & it was a really nice gesture. We bought many things that we felt the school for children with disabilities would need (caprisun, toiletries, toothbrush, etc). It was fun to even get to hang out with the kids after the presentation. 

The afternoon was part two of our Day Tour of Accra. We visited Kwame Nkrumah's masoleum, visited the most-talked about Makola Market, visited the arts and crafts market, and had ate at a traditional Ghaian food joint. The food was cheap and nice, haha. 

In the evening I went with my cousin and his wife to +234 Jazz Bar and Grill. The food there was good! The service not so much. I wanted to eat at Buka Restaurant but the line was unbearable. High season I guess ( and apparently that's a really popular spot). 

Later that night I went with my cousin and his friends to Twist night club. The interior of this night club is stunning. It's where all the famous people go when they are in town. It felt like I stepped into a club in Miami, except with straight afro vibes. I had a good time. 

Fasto forward to spending New Year's on the beach because the rest of my time in Accra was just running errands, getting lat minute things and photos taken, and going on Alvaro + pineapple runs with my sister -in-law. 

New Year's Day in Accra was peaceful and beautiful. I went to the beautiful Coco Lounge with my cousin. The aesthetics on the outside and inside -- 10/10 recommend. 

That's it from me. I will definitely go back to Ghana, as there are some things still on my list, including exploring the Volta region, partying at Sky Bar and also partying at the notorious bloom bar. 

Is Accra, Ghana on your list? 

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