Travel | 5 Ways to Travel without Leaving your House

Let's face it. Social Distancing is not fun. Even for someone that is an active social distancer, the times we are in is really bugging me out. I am itching for normalcy again! (NB: There's a difference between voluntary social distance and forced social distance & that difference hinges on consent).

While we are all waiting for that normalcy to happen & pray that the damage done so far doesn't worsen, here are some tips to stay within your travel bug spirit, even if you're forced to stay home.

1. Binge watch your favorite foreign show on Netflix 
Narcos, Money Heist, etc. There are also many award-winning foreign films out there. So many people have shared with me things that I didn't think they'd know about a particular country, solely because they watch shows that expose them to a different side of the world. Happy watching!

2. All restaurants are take-out friendly by force, so you might as well treat yourself to your favorite foreign food. 
I love thai food, so if any of my friends are feeling generous, abeg do the needful :)

3. Indulge in travel content.
From YouTube to blogs, there's so much content online you can indulge in that will give you all the information you need about a specific place you want to visit, etc!
My goal is to upload at least one blog post or video a day on my blog about a country I have travelled to, so that when all this let's up, you will be well prepared for your next trip.

4. staycation! 
Get creative & create a vacation environment in your home for you and your loved ones!

(if you have little ones running around, this would probably be a fun experience for them)

5. Your camera roll.
I'm sure you have loads of videos and photos from your last trip. Take a trip down memory lane and gest lost in the experiences, no matter how long ago it was. & if you don't have (enough) memories, I challenge you to seize the day after all this is over, and create some. Plan that trip (, enjoy that time with friends and family, and

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