Trdelnik in Prague

Prague was a part of my Europe trip in 2019 

After a whirlwind three straight days of fun in different Morroccan cities, I made my way to Czech Republic -- Prague to be exact! I was so excited, as it was my first time in Eastern Europe! I love history, so reading about the impact of World War II, Communism, and hegemony on this region only made me want to eventually see this part of the world for myself. I wasn't the only one, as Prague boasts of 21 million +tourists (and counting) per year. 

The only memorable reference I had to Prague itself before this visit was the Nicki Minaj meme -- "you b-- can't even spell Prague" - so needless to say I was ready to create different, more concrete references. 

One of the first best references is the Trdelnik! Abeg my mouth is watering as we speak. Cheeeee. If you love dessert, you will love this sugar rush of a pastry. Not only is it icecream served in the most fluffy, warm, breaded cinnamon cone,  the cone is filled with - get this-----any filling of your choice! vanilla, apple, strawberry, chocolate, Nutella.

Let me repeat this combination: 
you have the breaded chimney like pastry "cone" then inside the cone is the filling (your choice....yum) & then to close the top of the chimney is the ice cream scoop(s) ....and more toppings! 

I was sooooo beyond myself in excitement about this. 

After the moments with the Trdelnik, I ended up wandering around Pague. Getting around Prague was quite straightforward, and I had my Maps to direct me, giving me information about the buses & trains to use to get each notable place.

Places Visited 
Prague Astronomical Clock 

Old Town Square 

Dancing House Hotel 

Praha Palladium 

Vltava River 

Prague has a very old town wish vibe to it! Despite the rain during the day I toured, I still had a great time. My favorite aspect of Prague was the architecture. The buildings, many of which, stacked together were  aesthetically pleasing, was my favorite aspect of my visit. I literally just enjoyed waling around and taking in the sights. There were even plenty of cobblestone streets and the streets were lined with even nicer small town shops. 
Altogether, Prague had a nice small town feel while still preserving its capital city nomenclature. 

Things to Do in Prague
-boat ride on the river-
-walk Old Town Square- 
-Visit the Astronomical Clock-
-Walk Charles Bridge- 
-Eat Trdelnik- 
-marvel at the beautiful architecture- 
-Eat at the many amazing outside patios- 

I hope this helps you on your next visit to Prague. 

-xo titó

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