Travel | 6 Countries + 2 Continents for about $500!

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as we approach 2020 is to NOT travel because it's too expensive. Period. 
Traveling can be as expensive or as budget-friendly as you make it 

I spent the bulk of August 2019 traveling the world, to destinations that constantly show up on Pinterest boards - mine included. I kept pinching myself, saying shey na me be dis?

Where did I go? 

Madrid, Spain                         ($300)
Marrakech, Morocco                    ($36)
Budapest, Hungary                      ($40)
Prague, Czech Republic                ($50)
Berlin, Germany                           ($17)
Santorini, Greece                         ($80)
Total                                              $523 

Here's how I was able to book my dream itinerary for less than $600 (flights)

1. I booked my flights early. In April, I knew I would have time to travel abroad by August, it was just a matter of where. I found that $300 flight to Madrid, RT from the USA and booked. expeditiously. The rule of thumb for good deals is 3 months in advance booking. 

2. I booked to a country that was in proximity to other countries -and continents! Traveling Europe is notorious for cheap flights to other nations in Europe. Spain, especially is very close in proximity to Morocco in Africa -- so if you are considering a trip there, it might be worth it to fly into Spain then book a cheap flight to Morocco. My flight to Morocco from Spain was only $36! 

3. Limit your luggage - The catch about these low-cost airlines and their "pinch me, I'm dreaming" advertised prices is that baggage is not included for most. So make sure you either limit your luggage size or avoid it altogether. 

4. Use the Google flights "Explore" tool If you don't have a destination in mind and just want to get somewhere cheap, simply type the origin airport, the dates interested in traveling - DO NOT fill in the  destination - and click Explore! Google flights will populate the cheapest flights and suggest various destinations based on that. Further, you can move your cursor to the map  section and explore further regions that have affordable routes from your destination. 

Finally, play around with your dates & destinations! if you have time to explore other countries, check how much flights are from your destination to another destination. 
As much of a flex as this sounds, I rarely book to one country anymore. I'm always traveling to more than one country at a stretch 

You don't have to quit your job or wait for retirement to travel the world. Just do it. 


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